3 Mobile Gaming Blogs to Explore

November 6, 2021

There are two words that can be used to describe the mobile gaming industry: always upgrading. Whether it’s a new accessory, a fresh trend, or a spike in revenue, our industry can’t help but churn out innovative ideas and products. But, who can blame us? There’s so much to create.

The convenience and versatility that mobile gaming provides players is unmatched, and developers are surely stepping up their game (literally!).

With all the information out there surrounding mobile games, we wanted to make a quick list of some of our go-to resources. Of course, we recommend our blog as a one-stop shop for the latest in gaming and tech, we recognize the killer resources provided by others in the industry.

Grab your reading glasses and get ready to be enlightened, here are three mobile gaming blogs we think every gamer and gaming professional should explore (once you’re caught up on our news, of course):

1. PocketGamer.biz

PocketGamer.biz focuses on the business components of the industry that make mobile games happen. If you’re an aspiring game developer, a publisher, or an advertiser with a passion for gaming, this site has a blog post that will cater to you.

From industry news and interviews with gaming professionals to reports on mobile gaming events, there are a plethora of articles to explore.

This blog will also provide you with an industry analysis of current trends.  You can stay up to date on all things mobile gaming and see what current factors are driving the industry.

If you prefer to learn on the go, PocketGamer.biz has got you covered with its very own podcast that centers around perspective and discussions about, yes, you’ve guessed it, happenings in the mobile gaming industry.

10 Games Industry Jobs to Apply for This Week is a great example of a helpful blog post for anyone who has an interest in working in gaming.

Since you’re now aware of how awesome this resource is, which article are you reading first?

2. Mobile Free To Play

For all of our fellow mobile gaming publishers out there, this one’s for you! The Mobile Free To Play blog is a haven for gaming publishing content and news. If you’re new to this industry and want a foot in the door, you may want to delve into their Free To Play Bible for high-quality educational material on the ins-and-outs of mobile gaming.

In addition to that resource, there are also many insightful articles regarding industry and market trends, game growth and marketing, design, development, monetization, and retention (we know, they’re out here slaying the game).

Their blog posts are also extremely well-written and easy to comprehend, due to some exceptional organizational skills.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the wide pool of content they provide, Mobile Free to Play’s Top 10 Game Mechanics for Hyper Casual Games is a fantastic read.

Will you be keeping an eye on this blog?

3. Gamasutra Mobile

Last but not at all least, we’d like to present the Gamasutra Mobile Blog, which caters to anyone with a zest for mobile gaming!

Gamasutra has created this blog with mobile in mind, as it provides readers with continuous content of industry news, and analysis from the company’s gaming professionals that experience working in the mobile world.

Gamasutra editors have definitely done something right, as the blogging site contains some amazing and perceptive posts regarding programming, art and design, audio, production, and marketing.

Tips to Build Customer Support for the Golden Age of Mobile Games is an insightful article with suggestions on how to build customer support when developing mobile games.

Looking for a career in games? Like PocketGamer.biz, Gamasutra Mobile also provides detailed job postings for those looking to enter the industry. Go on and apply for that dream job, we’re rooting for you!

Now that you know a bit more about these three awesome mobile gaming blogs, we’d like to know which one piques your interest the most (we couldn’t choose just one, which is why we wrote a blog post about it). Also, feel free to let us know other blogs to keep on our radar over on Twitter at @WaysunInc. Happy reading, gamers!

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