5 Surprising Benefits of mobile Gaming

August 4, 2021

You’ve just put down your mobile device after a two-hour gaming session and your win has you feeling on top of the world right now. 

You’re wondering if there could be any other benefit to mobile gaming than this rush of victory. We’re happy to report that there are a handful you should know. You might want to take a seat, because here are five benefits to mobile gaming that will blow your mind: 

1.  Mobile Gaming Can Improve Your Mood 

Do you find yourself a little overwhelmed with everyday tasks? Stress is definitely not the best feeling, and it can creep up on you if you’re not careful!

Did you know that playing mobile games can actually help alleviate that stress and anxiety? This can be quite an entertaining way to help manage and filter out those negative feelings. 

According to Lifehack.org, “Playing mobile video games allow and enable users to engage in a sense of escapism, since these games require full engagement and deep concentration.” 

Being immersed in a good mobile game can promote relaxation and feelings of accomplishment. Get ready to throw all your pesky troubles away by plugging in those headphones and having a productive gaming session! 

2.  Playing Mobile Games Can Boost Brain Power 

You might be very confused as to how exactly a mobile game can improve your intellect…well we’re here to clue you in. Here’s a fun fact for you: Healthygamer.gg states, “According to some preliminary research, strategy games can increase older adults’ brain functions, and perhaps even protect against dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

When played on a regular basis, certain mobile games such as Lumosity can actually promote brain health and power (Which is pretty awesome if you ask us). 

Playing these games increase this power by improving memory, keeping your brain engaged, and even enhancing overall awareness. Now that you know how mobile gaming can stimulate your mind…what are you playing next? 

3.  Mobile Gaming Keeps People Connected  

Four words for you: the more the merrier! Multiplayer games are not only a fun time with your besties, but also an amazing way to keep you in touch with your loved ones.

Like social media platforms, certain mobile games can help build a sense of community and togetherness. Scrabble GO is a great example of games bringing people together, especially in recent times.

It may be hard to keep in touch with your family and friends that live far away but playing a fun mobile game together can help maintain that relationship and create some great memories! Words with friends, anyone?

4.  Playing Mobile Games Improves Problem-Solving Skills 

You’ve likely played a game where you felt quite challenged by a certain level but managed to beat it anyway. Congrats, you’ve just brushed up on your problem-solving skills! 

There are so many mobile games out there that train your brain to work through problems and obstacles faster. This enhances your critical-thinking skills in the process. 

Call it a workout for your brain. When you’re able to overcome an obstacle in your favorite mobile game, your brain is training and getting stronger each time. Being able to define and solve puzzles in a game can help your observation skills in real life, too! (Sounds like a win-win situation to us).

5.  Mobile Gaming Can Get That Creativity Going 

Here’s a scenario for you: you’re on a strict deadline with two thousand words due tomorrow by the end of the day. Your professor will not extend that deadline. You’re panicking because writer’s block is hanging over you like a storm cloud. 

Have you ever considered playing a game on your phone to help get those creative juices flowing? 

Mobile gaming can actually promote creativity by expanding our imaginations, inspire new ideas, and spark new ways of thinking. 

Next time you find yourself with a creative block, see what sort of innovative ideas develop once you have that quick gaming session. 

Are your minds blown yet? Ours certainly are! The majority of people may not realize how beneficial playing a mobile game every so often can be. Now that you’re aware of these advantages, we can bet that you’re on your way to the app store to get gaming!  

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