5 Tips for Creating your First Game in Unity

Looking for some tips to make your first game in Unity? If you’re like us and have a passion for gaming (if you’re reading this you probably do), it’s possible you’ve come across Unity. In the world of game development, Unity is known as one of the most-used game engines out there for developing games.

Our amazing team of creatives and developers have given us insights on Unity for beginners, and here’s what they had to say:

1. Unity is relatively easy to use

Our Software Engineer David advised, “Unity doesn’t have a big barrier of entry. One of its strengths is that it’s relatively easy to use.”

You might find yourself wondering how exactly something as complicated as game development can be smooth sailing. Here are a few main reasons why:

  • The game engine has a straightforward game-building process, especially for smaller and mid-sized games. Unity also provides developers with accessible features, such as an easy animation controller and direct importation of animation and 3D modeling files.
  • Correcting missteps is simple. Worried about making a mistake? Not to worry! The platform makes it fairly uncomplicated for developers to correct their blunders in only a matter of minutes.
  • If you’re struggling to find the time to put into developing your game, Unity might help. The game engine is faster and less time-consuming compared to other ones out there. This is an extremely helpful feature for people that develop games for fun or have another full-time career.

Now that you know how easy Unity is to use, what will you create?

2. Unity has features for beginners

Our Software Engineer Chuck said, “I wasn’t a game developer prior to this, but learning Unity was fairly fast and easy.”

If you find yourself trying to dip your toes into the pool of game development, Unity can be a great tool for you to learn the process. Unity is an ideal engine for beginners to work with because:

  • There are plenty of free assets to get you started. The Unity Asset Store offers a variety of free assets, making it easy for new developers to get started. A few of these assets include 2D hand painted packs, first and third person starter assets, default UI shader with fog, pixel car pack, road system package, along with many more!
  • You’ll have access to tutorials. If you’re a newbie to the game development world, you might find yourself feeling a little intimidated. Have no fear! Unity tutorials are here! Unity developers have access to a plethora of helpful online tutorials and step-by-step learning materials. This is an amazing resource for anyone who’s starting their journey out in developing games. The assortment of these extensive resources can help new developers master the program at their own pace and time.
  • Unity has an easy coding process that offers multiple languages. This “Unity Script” is straightforward and simple, allowing newer developers to learn the process relatively fast. The availability of premade inputs for coding also makes the Unity coding process smoother and more efficient.
  • It’s relatively affordable. For developers that don’t have a big budget to start out with, you’ll be getting a good bang for your buck!

3. You can develop games for multiple platforms and players

Kevin, our Systems Engineer said, “Unity is great at creating games for multi-platforms.” 

Can’t decide what kind of game to develop? Not a problem! Whether you prefer to build a mobile, PC, or console game, Unity has what you’re looking for. 

The game engine supports and incorporates all major platforms, which makes it so attractive to developers across the globe. Mobile developers may find themselves especially drawn to the program. Unity makes it quite easy for them to build games for both iOS and Android software.

Want your game to be played amongst friends? The more the merrier! Unity makes it so that developers can transform their single player into multiplayer games with ease. 

Which platform will you build your game on?

Final Thoughts

If you’re at the beginning stages of developing your game, Unity might be a great resource for you to consider. Now that you’ve heard our side of things, we’d like to hear your thoughts! Developers, we want to know: will you build your first game with Unity?

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