Waysun Inc.

Waysun Buys Majority Stake in Abu Dhabi start-up Boss Bunny

Boss Bunny will become the US gaming and entertainment company’s Middle Eastern publishing arm.

Abu Dhabi, November 24, 2021 – Boss Bunny Games, the Abu Dhabi-based mobile games developer and twofour54 partner, is set to become the Middle Eastern publishing arm of Waysun Inc. a U.S.-based gaming and entertainment company, after Waysun purchased a majority stake, less than two years after the start-up was launched. This transaction will allow Boss Bunny Games to leverage Waysun’s experience, expertise, and capital to increase efficiencies and accelerate the company’s growth as Waysun’s publisher in the Middle East and North Africa (MENAT).

Waysun Inc. is a full-service gaming and entertainment company for original and licensed content distributed across mobile, PC and TV platforms in global markets. The gaming and entertainment company’s portfolio of games emphasize simplicity while being dynamic and challenging. Waysun’s U.S. headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida, with offices in other markets across the globe, including China and the UK. The acquisition of a majority interest in Boss Bunny Games sees Waysun expand into MENAT for the first time, as part of its strategy to become a global industry leader.

“The acquisition is a powerful boost to the gaming sector in the region, as it will enable us to capitalize on the advanced and integrated business systems of Waysun in the MENAT region and beyond,” said Aziza Alahmadi, Co-Founder and CEO of Boss Bunny Games. Together, we will develop new games for our customers, seize investment opportunities that add fresh value to our company, and contribute to a sustainable regional economy.”

Ms. Alahmadi added; “Waysun and Boss Bunny Games share a vision that focuses on local MENAT talent acquisition and development. We will work together to invest in and grow the local talent base by launching a mobile games accelerator, which will boost mobile game publishing in the MENAT region and solidify Boss Bunny Games’ position as a regional leader.”

Boss Bunny Games is a mobile games developer and publisher with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, and a business office in Dubai. The company was established in early 2020 with twofour54 Abu Dhabi, the media, entertainment and gaming hub, and was supported by the Government’s AD Gaming initiative under which Abu Dhabi is being transformed into a global gaming hub.

“MENAT has become a vital market in the global gaming industry and this investment in Boss Bunny Games is an integral part of our global expansion plans,” said Aly Yip, CEO of Waysun Inc. “We are delighted to have found such an exceptional partner that produces fun and engaging games through a diverse and talented team. We share ambitions to pioneer the regional gaming industry for the long term, and look forward to a successful and prosperous partnership.”

“This investment by U.S.-based Waysun in Boss Bunny Games perfectly demonstrates that the international gaming market is recognizing the tremendous growth potential for gaming companies in Abu Dhabi,” said James Hartt, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development at AD Gaming. “It also highlights the successes of the AD Gaming initiative. With the right support, infrastructure and talent gaming companies will grow faster in Abu Dhabi.”

Mr. Hartt added; “The global industry is fast-approaching a total revenue of $300 billion, and the Middle East is seeing the fastest growth. Driven by value-creating companies like Boss Bunny Games, Abu Dhabi is well and truly the place to be for any company in the gaming sector”.

Boss Bunny Games has been working towards establishing itself as the main mobile games developer and publisher in the region, and has a well-developed strategy and long-term vision of the gaming sector.

The company publishes and supports games from global indie groups and solo studios with a sharp focus on local talent. It has recently signed a partnership agreement with the Emirati Lammtara Studio to develop mobile games inspired by their popular cartoon series “Freej”. Waysun’s global industry experience will accelerate further growth and development in the MENAT and GCC markets.

CZN Burak – The Game, by Boss Bunny and Waysun Inc.

CZN Burak has entered the mobile gaming arena. Turkish Chef Burak Özdemir, nicknamed CZN Burak, has announced the launch of his new mobile game in partnership with Boss Bunny Games that will be launched at Etisalat Beach Canteen.

Titled “CZN Burak – The Game”, the game sees Chef Burak in the form of a superhero who competes through whimsical worlds competing food-themed enemies to collect ingredients and create stunning feasts. The mobile game is available free to download from Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

In this exciting mobile experience, players can select a Burak-themed superhero to control and take on a “run” through one of the worlds. During each run, players compete with food-themed enemies and collect ingredients to create feasts, which power-up their superhero.

Upon completing the run, or taking too much damage and fainting, the feast powerups will expire, but players will be rewarded with coins, kebabs, and other “currency” prizes. Using these currencies, players can permanently “level up” their superheroes, increasing their power to traverse ever more dangerous worlds.

Talking about the game, Chef Burak Özdemir said: “CZN Burak – The Game, will provide a new platform of communication with audiences across different ages in the MENAT region and worldwide. I am very excited to launch the game and take on a “run” into one of the adventure worlds! For many months we worked together with our partners at Boss Bunny Games to design and develop a game worthy of my fans around the world —a game that would be entertaining, a bit challenging, and fun.”

Chef Burak also expressed his gratitude to Boss Bunny Games, the developer and publisher who worked exclusively on the game, for their efforts and dedication to developing the game.

Boss Bunny Games, said: “The gaming industry, regionally and globally, is witnessing a steady growth in regard to development and publishing. This growth has directly impacted various sectors and spheres. Increasing demand from companies and influential people, both in the region and worldwide, to use mobile games as an effective marketing and educational tools is on the rise. The ultimate goal is to introduce their target audiences to their values, principles, and offerings in new and engaging ways.”

Boss Bunny Games also stressed that the move is in-line with its strategic objectives to boost its position as a leading mobile games developer in the MENAT region and serves as a major step towards enhancing its presence on the games publishing global arena.

The public will have the opportunity to challenge Chef Burak, try out the new game and win valuable prizes at Etisalat Beach Canteen in Dubai every Thursday. You can download the game from: https://www.cznburakgame.com/

Boss Bunny’s experienced team includes professionals who have been working at the forefront of game publishing both regionally and globally since the late 1990’s.

Recently, Boss Bunny Games sold a majority stake of its company to Orlando, FL-based gaming publisher, Waysun Inc.

Technology Partners at WCCE 2021: Waysun and Boss Bunny

This year, Boss Bunny Games, Waysun’s MENA publishing arm, was invited as a Technology Partner at the World Conference on Creativity Economy (WCCE) in Dubai on December 7-9, bringing technology, augmented reality, and new games to the world stage. The high-energy event was filled with creatives, artists, and designers of all varieties. On the conference floor, there were live knitting demonstrations, sustainable fashion, larger-than-life art pieces being painted in real-time, and more. The team was joined by partners Tencent Cloud and others.

During the three-day immersive event, Boss Bunny and Waysun presented new and upcoming gaming and technology content. One of Boss Bunny and Waysun’s primary efforts includes creating and presenting unique cultural content in a way that is accessible to the world through major and recognizable IP brands like CZN Burak, Freej, and Denahy.

Additionally, the event saw notable attendees such as Her Excellency, Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth for the United Arab Emirates, who stopped and spoke with us about our endeavors.

Some key takeaways from the event:

  • Earlier this fall, Boss Bunny released CZN Burak – The Game, a mobile action-adventure game featuring the famous Chef Burak Ozdemir. You can download the game here.
  • Next year, Boss Bunny has plans to release mobile games based on Mohammed Saeed Harib’s well-received animated comedy series Freej, and another titled, Denahy, based on the brand and stage name of comedian Hassan Assiri.
  • Boss Bunny announced the creation of a new accelerator program that will focus on curating, training, and developing international talent with a focus on driving entertainment and economic development in the region.
  • Waysun announced its global partnership with Tencent to create Stella, a new software service launching in the near future for companies and developers to create their own technical projects.
  • Boss Bunny announced the winner of Game Jam, an annual contest run to promote game development and education in the region. The total awards of this years Game Jam amounted to 100,000 AED.

The World Conference on Creative Economy shared via social, “as the UAE chapter of #WCCE2021 came to an end last week, we’d like to thank you all once again for attending WCCE 2021 and contributing to the development of the creative economy, it has been an incredible event here in Dubai and this is just the beginning.”

New Game Development Accelerator Coming to the UAE

At WCCE 2021, Waysun and Boss Bunny announced the creation of a new accelerator program, intended to support passionate game developers on their journey of entrepreneurship.

The Accelerator will be a world-class initiative for attracting and training game talent, and systematically enabling that talent to commercialize online games for global success. 

The core benefits afforded to participants include: 

  • Working with world-class mentors to provide guidance, training, and mentorship 
  • Gaining soft and technical skills needed for successful game development 
  • Training for user acquisition, marketing, and publishing 
  • Learning the ins and outs of revenue generation, engagement, and live ops management 
  • Elevating their gaming and development content specific to the MENA region 

Through the developed mentorship program, industry leaders will work with participants, using personal experience, to navigate issues they can expect to face during each phase of the game development process.  

Some of the mentors include*:

Michael Wombwell: Michael is one of the founding figures of the video games industry in the Middle East. In 1996, he founded Red Entertainment Distribution and led it to become the largest video game distributor in the GCC for the largest AAA Publishers such as EA, Activision Blizzard, etc. Michael sold RED in 2016 and is now CEO of DEVCO – a Digital Entertainment company based in Dubai. He is also a board member of two UK-based companies. 

David Reeves: David is an International Executive Experienced in Sales & Marketing – within Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East with 20 years in the FMCG sector including 17 Years in the Video Game Industry from MD of SONY PlayStation in Germany, CEO and President of SONY PlayStation EMEA and COO of Capcom Europe. Currently coaching SMEs and startups in 8 countries. David also acts as non-executive Director and investor on several businesses. 

Current Accelerator managers Aziza Alahmadi, Founder and CEO of Boss Bunny Games, Geraint “G” Bungay, Co-founder & Board Member, Aly Yip, CEO of Waysun, Inc., and Ryan DiSanto, COO of Waysun, Inc., plan to work with successful applicants to offer a full 360 support package to enable them to have the best possible chance of success during their time in the program and after.

*Mentor list current as of publishing date. This list is subject to change.  

Game Jam 2021

One of Waysun and Boss Bunny’s primary efforts is to stimulate entertainment and economic growth in the MENA region. Game Jam is one way that goal is reached.

What is Game Jam? In short, it’s a global gaming competition hosted by Boss Bunny Games. The competition is an incredible opportunity for talented teams worldwide to come together to design, collaborate, and make their dreams a reality. The competition features industry speakers from Unity, training, and personalized guidance and support. Game Jam is more than a competition. It’s an event that shows the world that the UAE is at the forefront of art, culture, and technology. This year, Game Jam’s theme was Future Technology Inspired.

The structure of the competition includes teams creating a game over just two short days. Then, the games are reviewed by our panel, and three top ideas are chosen for potential funding and development.

The Game Jam was held online this fall from November 28-30, 2021. Contestants had the chance to speak to world-class mentors using Teams and Discord. This year’s winners received amazing prizes including 50,000AED first prize 30,000AED second prize 20,000AED third prize and a chance to develop their game. Game Jam 2021 saw 1,095 participants from 53 countries.

Boss Bunny announced the winners on social media, as well as at the World Conference on Creative Economy event in Dubai, during the days of December 7-9, 2021. Check out the winners below:

Visit the website for Boss Bunny Games Jam here and stay tuned for more game growth opportunities.

What the Future of Mobile Gaming Might Look Like

Mobile gaming has been a part of mainstream culture since Tetris hit the very small screen in 1994 (bet you thought it was Snake in 1997). Fast forward 27 years and the landscape has evolved to include multi-player experiences, incredible graphics, and epic storylines. But, what’s next?

Here’s a list of 5 things experts expect for the future of mobile gaming.

1. Financially, mobile gaming is projected to grow.

$100 billion – that’s the revenue mobile gaming is set to reach by the end of 2021, according to Newzoo. The 2010’s were a double-digit decade of growth for the industry. With advances in tech and the saturation of iPhones (or Androids, we don’t judge), that number is likely to continue growing into the next decade.

2. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will become increasingly common.

Remember back in 2016 when Oculus VR headsets were all the rage? Well, developers and engineers are continuously working on ways to bring that tech to our phones.

Features like Google AR and those flaw-erasing, super-popular Snapchat filters have made use of this tech already. Over time, experts expect people will become more accustomed to AR and VR, adding new elements to the mobile experience.

3. More devices will be designed with mobile gaming in mind.

Tech companies like Huawei, Asus, and Lenovo, both well-known for making computers, have released phones recommended for mobile gamers. Topping the list of features, they offer include faster refresh rates, gorgeous displays, and dual front-facing speakers.

As graphics and features continue to excel, the devices used to play will follow suit. Food for thought: If Apple made a phone for mobile gaming, would people buy it? Until then, check out TechRadar’s recommended gaming phones here.

4. 5G will make it easier to play in real-time.

One thing that’s created a community amongst console gamers throughout the years is the ability to team-up and play immersive games in real-time. With the emergence of 5G, mobile-first products will increasingly draw in players for this same reason.

Enjoy the camaraderie and instant action on the go? Get ready. Faster download speeds and stronger internet will create seamless playing experiences according to an article from the WSJ.

5. Cross-platform capabilities will continue to grow.

Whether a gamer’s primary console is a PlayStation or a Samsung, developers are making strides to connect them all. Fortnite now allows players from all platforms to compete in its free-to-play battle royale game.

The industry expects to see other companies expanding their cross-platform capabilities to attract new players and reach new markets.

We want to know: what are you looking forward to most? The surge of 5G networks, cross-platform expansion, or the potential for holograms? With the mobile gaming industry on the up-and-up, it’ll be interesting to see what we’re doing with our phones in another 27 years.

4 Mobile Gaming Genres You Need To Know About

August 4, 2021

Just like books and movies, games have genres, too. If you’re an industry professional, understanding the top genres can be helpful in business. And, if you’re just an enthusiastic gamer, you might need this information for trivia eventually — you never know.

Here are four super-popular mobile gaming genres for Android users, according to Statista.


Flappy Bird, Super Nano Jumper, and Comic Boy are all considered casual games. So what makes a game… casual?

Well, typically these games have a lighter learning curve. They also don’t demand a lot of time from the player, meaning sessions are shorter.

Additionally, casual games are generally designed to appeal to a mass audience. It’s worth noting that plenty of mobile games are technically considered casual even if they fit into another genre. According to an article by Udonis, Casual games make up 78% of mobile game downloads.


You might have guessed already, but Puzzle games are notoriously popular on both the Google and Apple App Stores. Drop Four, Color Maze, and Tetris are just a few fun and challenging puzzle games we love. Depending on who you ask, Candy Crush and Bejeweled are also considered puzzle games, but a more specific type, called a Match 3.


Simulation games are characterized by their similarity to real life. Most often, these games replicate the feeling of real-life events, like the famous Sims game we all know and love. Other common themes include caring for a pet, interior designing, hunting, or flying an airplane.

Did you know simulation-style games are used for training purposes, too? Imagine playing a version of “The Office” to prepare for the dynamics of working 9-5.


Runners are those fun games you stand over your friends shoulder to watch. Subway Surfers and Temple Run are the two most notable runner games to date. One of the best things about runner games is that there are seemingly no limits to how far you can go.

If you have reached the end of one of these though, please tell us what happens.

Which of these genres do you find yourself playing most?

5 Things to Know About Mobile Gaming

July 7, 2021

If you’ve been on the internet lately (we know you have) you’ve probably read that the mobile gaming industry is on the rise. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned vet, there’s always more to know about the fast-paced world of gaming.

We asked our team, “what’s one thing you think everyone should know about mobile games and development?” After the expected, “I can’t pick just one,” here’s what they said.

1. “There is a game for everyone”

David, our Software Engineer Lead said, “There are games for everyone. Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, there is a game for you.” Whether you love solving puzzles, interior designing or crave to solve puzzles through interior design, your app store likely has the solution.

Key takeaway: You’re probably a gamer… you just don’t know it yet. 

2. “Mobile gaming is the future”

In 2018, mobile gaming generated 50% of global gaming revenue according to Newzoo. From a business perspective, jumping in the mobile gaming arena might be a wise decision. Even Netflix has thrown its hat in the ring, recently announcing it will begin dabbling in gaming. Allen, our Business Strategist, noted the mobile gaming industry has enormous growth potential.

You might be curious why mobile is growing so rapidly. We can attribute it, in part, to this stat: currently 67% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. This allows for mobile gaming to flourish since most players already have all the tools they need. No extra hardware needed for beginners to join in the fun.

Key takeaway: Mobile gaming is everywhere – and likely isn’t going away anytime soon.

3. “Developing a mobile game is a lot of work”

While you’re playing that mobile game you always turn to when you’re waiting, you probably don’t consider how much time went into making it – and that’s fair. We get it.

However, our Backend Developer Tim, said, “There can be thousands of hours of work that goes into the smallest part of a game.” Crafting a simple user experience is actually very complex. According to 3sidedcube, general app development takes an average of 9 months – the same amount of time it takes to have a child.

Key takeaway: Making a mobile game requires a lot of time and resources.

4. “Nobody works in a silo”

“From art to tech, all parts of game development require constant communication,” says our PM Ashlie. In order to create a cohesive experience for the player, everyone needs to be on the same page during development.

Fast changes and new builds require everyone to be in the loop. Not to mention, most developers and creatives have more than one talent that contributes to the end result of a game, so open communication is important to create the best experience for the player.

Key takeaway: Communication and collaboration makes the dream work.

5. “Planning takes a lot of time”

You’ve likely heard that failure to plan is planning to fail. Not only do you have to plan when you’ll execute your design and development, you also have to plan time to, well, plan.

Adam, our Project Coordinator, says, “Planning takes a lot of time. You have to make short term plans – from days to weeks – and long-term plans – extending to years in the future. You also have to plan for roadblocks and be able to have time allotted to course correct if a build breaks.”

Key takeaway: Have a plan but be able to adjust accordingly.

Mobile games are more accessible, social, and entertaining than ever before. Whether you make mobile games or play them, we want to know. What’s one thing everyone should know about mobile gaming?

Waysun Inc. Makes Key Leadership Appointments

May 5th, 2021

The entertainment and video game company expands its team with the recent hires of Chief Technology , Strategy and Creative Officers.

Orlando, FL – May 5, 2021 – Waysun Inc., a full-service entertainment and video game company for owned and licensed content globally distributed across mobile, digital, and console platforms, is expanding its team with four key leadership appointments. All executives are based out of Waysun’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida and report to Aly Yip, CEO of Waysun Inc.

“We are thrilled to have these experienced leaders join our team and help us drive Waysun’s global growth and success. Their combined experience in the entertainment, technology and media sector, as well as expertise in the game development, animation and fundraising, will contribute to Waysun’s expansion and leadership on the casual gaming segment, ” Yip says.

Ben Wronsky, Chief Technology Officer

Wronsky brings more than two decades of experience in technology development for the online, games, and entertainment industry. At Waysun, he leads the organization’s vision in technology, research, and development of the company’s games portfolio and platform.

As a 15-year veteran of Electronic Arts (EA), he held various leadership positions in graphics and technology development. Some of the key franchises Wronsky has contributed to include MADDEN NFL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and Need fo Speed among others. He played an important role in transitioning several AAA games to new consoles and guiding the development of innovative technologies to enable immersive interactive storytelling.

Wronsky holds a bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics and Animation from California State University, Chico.

“The intersection of technology and gaming has redefined the industry in recent years. Technologies like augmented and virtual reality are now becoming mainstream and are changing the way consumers interact with content. I see this continuing to expand, along with transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence, not only in consumer experiences but also in mobile hardware, the cloud and backend systems, as developers leverage new capabilities for product innovation.” Wronksy says.

Bill West, Chief Strategy Officer

West is a seasoned executive in the entertainment and gaming industry and a leader in content publishing and creation. At Waysun, West is responsible fro globally executing the company’s operation and strategic plans. In this role, he has forged partnerships with companies including EA and The Walt Disney Company, among others, to license games and entertainment content.

In his tenure, West has consulted for major global brands, including SEGA, Warner Bros, Microsoft and AT&T, handling strategy and deployment for game distribution and expansion into new markets. He also held leadership positions at Redbox, Acclaim Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company, Codemasters and Climax Studios.

West has a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from the Catholic University of America and a MBA in Entertainment and Finance from the University of Southern California.

“Casual gaming has reached a new level in the past year, with consumers using it to connect virtually with family and friends, I expect this trend to continue as audiences look for social and multiplayer experiences while they play their favorite games on mobile, digital, and console,” West says. “I am excited about what we have in store for Waysun as. drive forward our strategy of embedding entertainment and education in our gamin portfolio.”

Chris Maras, Chief Creative Officer

Maras brings more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a creative director and producer. At Waysun, he oversees the creative development and production of the company’s proprietary games with a focus on creating enriching experiences for. gamers.

Maras was a senior creative leader at entertainment giants including Universal, The Walt Disney Company, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Warner Bros. He has worked on feature films such as Aladdin, The lion King and The Iron Giant, as well as game franchises including madden, NBA Live, Medal of Honor, and Toy Story 3. Maras also helped develop experience for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

Maras has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Video from California Institute of Arts.

“In an increasingly competitive market, seamlessly bring real world elements together with new innovative technologies for everyone to enjoy is an essential component of success. Developers are no able to create unique worlds or utilize existing ones to build relationships with players like never before as they fully immersed in an experience,” Maras says.

4 Popular Mobile Gaming Trends to Look Out For

October 20, 2021

We’re happy to report that the mobile gaming industry has been bringing its A-game to the table lately (pun intended).

Partly due to the pandemic, mobile gaming revenue has skyrocketed and has only been leveling up since then.

According to AdColony.com, “The State of Mobile Gaming 2021 says revenue growth only accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and users spent more than $22 billion in mobile games in Q1 2021”.

We’re about to throw more amazing statistics your way!

Did you know that just like social media and fashion, mobile gaming has trends, too? Here are four popular mobile gaming trends to look out for. 

1. Gaming is Becoming More Inclusive

If you’ve ever played Words With Friends with your sweet, adorable grandma, you know this is true. The convenience of not being tied down by components like wires, consoles, and controllers makes mobile games so versatile for every generation. The simplicity of being able to download multiple games from different genres and play with anyone regardless of age is definitely appealing.

Not to mention, there are more than just first-person shooter games. From interior design and gardening to caring for pets, games appeal to more niches than ever before. Did you know there’s an entire genre dedicated to cozy games? 80% of downloaded games in 2020 were casual and only 11% were action/shooter games.

Whether you’re a busy mom trying to relax, a stressed college student looking for a creative outlet, or a kid that just loves gaming, there’s a game out there waiting for you in the App Store.

2. 5G Is Here to Spice Things Up

Innovation struck the mobile world yet again due to the 5G rollout last year. Newzoo’s Global Mobile Market Report tells us that more than 700 million smartphones will be 5G-compatible by the end of 2021, with no intention of slowing its roll.

Within the next two years, it is predicted that over 2.1 billion mobile phones will be 5G-compatible (which is pretty awesome if you ask us).

How exactly does this 5G technology benefit mobile games? We’re here to fill you in!

5G technology offers low latency, high speed connectivity, and a higher bandwidth to mobile phones, ultimately improving game performance and providing a better multiplayer experience.

So get excited, your gaming sessions with your besties are about to get a major upgrade in the near future!

3. More Hyper-Casual Games Are Being Released

According to Sensor Tower, in 2020, hyper-casual games were responsible for one-third (31%) of global downloads, equating to 6.3 billion downloads.

You might be wondering: what makes hyper-casual games so popular? Due to the simplicity and ease of use while playing, these games can certainly be highly addictive and not to mention, lots of fun.

If you find yourself stressed and in need of some relaxation, a fun hyper-casual game might be just what you need to melt all those troubles away. The next time you’re on the subway, glimpse over and you can probably find at least one person playing a hyper-casual game.

4.  The U.S. Tops Mobile Game Spending

We’ve got another fun fact from Sensor Tower for you: The U.S. remains the top market for mobile gaming, having already surpassed Japan in 2019.

Revenue has surpassed $6 billion just this year and likely will only keep growing from here.

The pandemic has definitely played a big part in this monetary success, as it amplified player spending by 35%, according to Adcolony.com.

With the recent success of the mobile gaming industry, we predict that revenue in the U.S. will only continue to skyrocket, especially since AAA games are being introduced to the mobile platform.

We’re thrilled to see how mobile gaming will continue to prosper and make its way to the top.

Now that you’re aware of all of the recent trends that have been happening in our favorite industry, which one surprised you the most?