CZN Burak – The Game, by Boss Bunny and Waysun Inc.

CZN Burak has entered the mobile gaming arena. Turkish Chef Burak Özdemir, nicknamed CZN Burak, has announced the launch of his new mobile game in partnership with Boss Bunny Games that will be launched at Etisalat Beach Canteen.

Titled “CZN Burak – The Game”, the game sees Chef Burak in the form of a superhero who competes through whimsical worlds competing food-themed enemies to collect ingredients and create stunning feasts. The mobile game is available free to download from Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

In this exciting mobile experience, players can select a Burak-themed superhero to control and take on a “run” through one of the worlds. During each run, players compete with food-themed enemies and collect ingredients to create feasts, which power-up their superhero.

Upon completing the run, or taking too much damage and fainting, the feast powerups will expire, but players will be rewarded with coins, kebabs, and other “currency” prizes. Using these currencies, players can permanently “level up” their superheroes, increasing their power to traverse ever more dangerous worlds.

Talking about the game, Chef Burak Özdemir said: “CZN Burak – The Game, will provide a new platform of communication with audiences across different ages in the MENAT region and worldwide. I am very excited to launch the game and take on a “run” into one of the adventure worlds! For many months we worked together with our partners at Boss Bunny Games to design and develop a game worthy of my fans around the world —a game that would be entertaining, a bit challenging, and fun.”

Chef Burak also expressed his gratitude to Boss Bunny Games, the developer and publisher who worked exclusively on the game, for their efforts and dedication to developing the game.

Boss Bunny Games, said: “The gaming industry, regionally and globally, is witnessing a steady growth in regard to development and publishing. This growth has directly impacted various sectors and spheres. Increasing demand from companies and influential people, both in the region and worldwide, to use mobile games as an effective marketing and educational tools is on the rise. The ultimate goal is to introduce their target audiences to their values, principles, and offerings in new and engaging ways.”

Boss Bunny Games also stressed that the move is in-line with its strategic objectives to boost its position as a leading mobile games developer in the MENAT region and serves as a major step towards enhancing its presence on the games publishing global arena.

The public will have the opportunity to challenge Chef Burak, try out the new game and win valuable prizes at Etisalat Beach Canteen in Dubai every Thursday. You can download the game from:

Boss Bunny’s experienced team includes professionals who have been working at the forefront of game publishing both regionally and globally since the late 1990’s.

Recently, Boss Bunny Games sold a majority stake of its company to Orlando, FL-based gaming publisher, Waysun Inc.

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