VR Accessories to add to your wish list

VR Accessories That enhance Your Gaming Experience

Meta Quest 2 is no stranger to the gaming industry, as virtual reality games are on the rise. Quest 2 brings forth a new, more affordable, VR option to the table while allowing players to buy, play, and share all from the headset. 

Whether it’s your first time picking up a Meta Quest 2, or the hundredth, the device will always give gamers an immersive virtual reality experience as they explore the metaverse.

Looking to upgrade that experience? When purchasing this device, it comes with all of the necessary attachments, however, there are a number of accessories and add-ons for the Meta Quest 2 available on the market.

We hope you have your carts ready! Here are our recommendations for accessories that will take your journey through the VR world to the next level: 

1- Head Strap

This is surely one of the best accessories for your headset, as it provides maximum comfort when using your device. There are various different head straps to choose from, with some even including their own battery packs for optimized battery life.

Head straps also come in different styles, so gamers are able to choose one that complements their preferences best. The Elite Strap has the classic “ski mask” look and feel to it. While head straps such as the Bobo VR M2, are designed to be more “halo-like”, allowing the weight to be distributed and moved away from your forehead.

These accessories are not only suited for maximum comfort, but stability for your device as well. The head straps are able to keep your Meta Quest 2 in place as you play, providing you with a better gaming experience overall.

2. Carrying Case

Keeping your device in good condition is a must for optimized usage when entering the metaverse. We realize it can be difficult to find a place to store your Meta Quest 2, but we may have the perfect solution: a carrying case.

This lightweight Meta Quest 2 carrying case  provides protection for your device due to the padded interior and sturdy design. The case not only fits your headset, but also has room for an elite strap with or without a battery pack, two touch controllers, charging cables, and a power adapter.

Players will be able to keep all of their attachments and add-ons in one secure place, and prevent damage or loss to any of the items. 

3. Controller Attachments

Ready to upgrade your VR gaming session? Controller attachments for the Meta Quest 2 are here to take your games to the next level!

Whether you enjoy playing FPS games, such as Onward, or sports games such as Eleven Table Tennis or Rocket Fury, there is surely a controller attachment out there that will fit your needs best.

These attachments are designed with maximum comfort level, range of adjustability, and ease of control, making it easier to beat any challenges that may come your way while gaming.

In Conclusion

The recent innovation of the VR industry has taken over the gaming industry by storm and we couldn’t be more excited for it. After learning about all of the new awesome and enhancing accessories for your Meta Quest 2, we can only imagine that you’re ready to get browsing and adding to your carts!

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