Technology Partners at WCCE 2021: Waysun and Boss Bunny

This year, Boss Bunny Games, Waysun’s MENA publishing arm, was invited as a Technology Partner at the World Conference on Creativity Economy (WCCE) in Dubai on December 7-9, bringing technology, augmented reality, and new games to the world stage. The high-energy event was filled with creatives, artists, and designers of all varieties. On the conference floor, there were live knitting demonstrations, sustainable fashion, larger-than-life art pieces being painted in real-time, and more. The team was joined by partners Tencent Cloud and others.

During the three-day immersive event, Boss Bunny and Waysun presented new and upcoming gaming and technology content. One of Boss Bunny and Waysun’s primary efforts includes creating and presenting unique cultural content in a way that is accessible to the world through major and recognizable IP brands like CZN Burak, Freej, and Denahy.

Additionally, the event saw notable attendees such as Her Excellency, Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth for the United Arab Emirates, who stopped and spoke with us about our endeavors.

Some key takeaways from the event:

  • Earlier this fall, Boss Bunny released CZN Burak – The Game, a mobile action-adventure game featuring the famous Chef Burak Ozdemir. You can download the game here.
  • Next year, Boss Bunny has plans to release mobile games based on Mohammed Saeed Harib’s well-received animated comedy series Freej, and another titled, Denahy, based on the brand and stage name of comedian Hassan Assiri.
  • Boss Bunny announced the creation of a new accelerator program that will focus on curating, training, and developing international talent with a focus on driving entertainment and economic development in the region.
  • Waysun announced its global partnership with Tencent to create Stella, a new software service launching in the near future for companies and developers to create their own technical projects.
  • Boss Bunny announced the winner of Game Jam, an annual contest run to promote game development and education in the region. The total awards of this years Game Jam amounted to 100,000 AED.

The World Conference on Creative Economy shared via social, “as the UAE chapter of #WCCE2021 came to an end last week, we’d like to thank you all once again for attending WCCE 2021 and contributing to the development of the creative economy, it has been an incredible event here in Dubai and this is just the beginning.”

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